Zeiss Ikon Ikovox D

Zeiss cinema loudspeaker
mint condition 2-way speaker
made in Western Germany
50cm woofer with AlNiCo magnet + HF horn
15 Ohms impedance

Siemens tube amps 6SEla 2427

pair Siemens mono integrated amps
matching stereo pair, in every aspect
EL84 tubes pushpull
10 Watts output, 15 Ohms impedance
very good and natural sounding amps
(old version also available)

Klangfilm 14" fullrange field coil Speakers

pair Klangfilm Kl44032 loudspeakers
matching stereo pair, made in 1939
with original power supplies
15 Ohms impedance, on baffle, with case
near mint condition, still original sealed

Klangfilm 12" fullrange field coil Speakers

NOS NIB pair Klangfilm loudspeakers
matching stereo pair, made in 1939
new in original box, never used
15 Ohms impedance
similar KL42006

Klangfilm Eurodyn loudspeaker pair

Klangfilm Eurodyn loudspeaker pair
matching Pair Kl.L439b
Studio Monitor Version

Klangfilm Europa Klarton pair

Klangfilm Klarton loudspeaker
matching Pair in excellent condition
made in 1930īs
with field coil drivers

Klangfilm Kl.l405

Klangfilm 14" fullrange speaker KL405
mint condition
perfect matched pairs or quads
matching in sonics and optics

Klangfilm KL.V502

Klangfilm KL.V 502
EL34 tubes pushpull power amplifier
Matching pair, revised with original parts
15 Ohms output impedance
(carefully restored Klangfilm amps Kl.V408a on request)

pair Telefunken cinema amps

Telefunken KTV Tube Amp
EL12spez PP power amps
EF12 EF14 pre amps
containing Telefunken Ela L8 speakers!

Klangfilm Eurodyn speakers

other Eurodyn pairs
with field coil or permanent magnets
readily available on request
picture shows field coil & tube power supply

Klangfilm speaker Europa Junior

Klangfilm speaker Europa Junior
complete, original and working
field coil, woofer type KL44006

Zeiss Ikon Dominar M

Zeiss Ikon Dominar M
Stereo Pair,
each amp 2 channel
(4 mono amps, EL34 push-pull)


Zeiss-Ikon Tweeter
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